Neat oil, metalworking fluid, chlorine free


GREIBOCUT T382 CHLORFREI is a multifunctional deep drilling and cutting oil. The product has been formulated with high pressure hydrogenated base oils with particularly low-aromatic hydrocarbons content.

The distillation characteristics provide a high flash point together with low evaporation loss even with a low viscosity of the finished formulation.

GREIBOCUT T382, CHLORFREI has been developed for machining all kinds of steel and yellow metals. The EP-additives used are inhibited to prevent staining of copper and its alloys.

GREIBOCUT T382 CHLORFREI contains a high amount of polar and EP-additives providing enhanced tool life and excellent machining performance, low smoke and mist, with a superior surface finish on components.

Thanks to an efficient additive combination, GREIBOCUT T382 CHLORFREI can be used for medium to heavy-duty chip forming processes, e. g. drilling, deep drilling, turning, milling, broaching, gear and thread cutting, as well as metal forming operations.

GREIBOCUT T382 CHLORFREI is compatible with common hydraulic oils.

The storage temperature should be between 5 and 35 'a The recommended period of use is 12 months.


Key Benefits:

  • multifunctional cutting oil
  • also suitable for yellow metals
  • excellent machining results
  • long tool life
  • low evaporation and mist formation


Physical data

Appearance visual yellowish  
Density/20 °C DIN 51757 approx. 0.855 g/cm3
Viscosity/40 °C DIN 51562/1 approx. 11 mm2/s
Flash point ISO 2592 > 160 °C
Pourpoint ISO 3016 < - 6 °C
Copper corrosion DIN EN ISO 2160 max. 1b